Platinum Blonde Nomads in Kerala – Not so grey!

This Grey Nomad business is sounding a bit…grey and I’m not sure I want to live with it for the next three months


So I’ve been trying out some alternatives. “Silver” is sometimes used as a slightly more respectful way to characterise oldies but I have a bit of a problem with that as there are a lot of silver cars around (I think it’s the most popular colour these days) and they are very boring. Apparently buying a silver car is the mark of a very conventional person.

But having come under the influence of Lakshmi Loves to Shop I may have moved on to a better place. Having been fair-haired when younger both Isobel and I have hair that is best described as white and hers has the faintest hint of blonde colour in it. I like to say that she’s a natural Platinum Blonde. So clearly we are Platinum Blonde Nomads!

And yes, that’s Jean Harlow with her bike in Hollywood. They both look great don’t they?

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One Response to “Platinum Blonde Nomads in Kerala – Not so grey!”

  1. Lakshmi Loves To Shop Says:

    Namaste…wow thank you for the link…I heard the other day if you buy silver birkenstock sandals these days it’s a sure sign your over 40 and conventional too :-) stick with the Platinum Blonde Nomads…anyway just remember you guys are fab fab fabulous…and that’s ALL that counts!

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