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Learning to Ride a Bike

18 September 2015

I thought I had done this. Having spent quite a while mastering the Brecki I assumed that I could ride a recumbent pretty well.

ride-bikeBut the Grasshopper is quite a different beast and although it seems to be more stable on the road I’ve had to go back to school with the basic manoeuvres such as starting, stopping, negotiating tight situations and even getting on and off. (more…)


Recumbent Muscles?

18 September 2015

I’ve had the Grasshopper for more than a week and I’ve been putting in some effort preparing myself and the bike for the first big tour next week.

musclesMy first priority has been to give my recumbent muscles a bit of a workout.

11 days is not sufficient time to alter your fitness, you need around 6 weeks for proper payback from exercise, but I did need to test my recumbent muscles and at least wake them up after several months riding only upright bikes. So my plan was to do three short but testing rides over 5 days, then relax and hope for the best. I picked an uphill route  and planned to go further (and climb further) each time. (more…)

Bionic Tandem Part 3

17 May 2014

Coast to Coast with a little assistance.

Way of the Roses — Route Map

Having received our pedelec controller back from Andreas Schroeer and established that the regenerative braking was working we were ready for our 5-day coast to coast trip on the Way of the Roses. (more…)

Bionic Tandem Part 2

28 April 2014

Our First Big Ride with the Heinzmann Pedelec Kit

Castell Dinas 2
The Black Mountains, photo thanks to the welldigger blog

Having got the ‘Direct Power’ kit working apart from the regenerative braking, and the installation more or less tidied it up, it was time for a proper test. (more…)

Bionic Tandem Part 1

28 April 2014

Adding electric power to our Hase Pino. For a few years we’ve been saying we would do it one day and this year feels like the right time.

Here’s one that Hase did earlier, ours is pretty well identical with the hub motor at the front and battery+controller in a special luggage rack, click on the image for a blow-up (more…)

Free maps on your Cycling Satnav

22 May 2013

Having explained how much I like using my new GPS gadget for navigating I should give some more information about the practicalities, starting with how to get the maps you will need installed on such gadgets without spending a fortune.

Garmin navgwide 2 800 (more…)

A Sceptic Converted to Cycling Satnav

21 May 2013

Garmin navgwide 800

I bought a Garmin trekking GPS unit (eTrex30) for our trip to India partly to have a good bike computer and partly to capture a gps record of our travels. It did both of those things very well. There wasn’t any scope to use the navigation features in India and we didn’t really need them for the rides we did, and anyway I’ve always been very happy to use paper maps which have many more uses than simply following a route. However since then I’ve been exploring ways to use GPS navigation on planned routes and I must say I’m really impressed by how useful it is.


Brompton Toolkit – Ouch!

22 April 2013

Last year I was very pleased to be given one of the new Brompton toolkits as a birthday present. It is a beautiful thing, cleverly designed to fit together into a neat package that slots into the open end of the bike’s frame tube when unfolded. I wanted one as soon as they were announced, not because I needed it but because it seemed to be an elegant way of removing clutter (bag of tools under the saddle) from an elegant bike.

Brompton_toolkit_closed (more…)

Brompton by Air update 2012 – Part 2 (B-bag Review)

24 June 2012

Having given my latest packing method a thorough road testing on a one week multimode trip to Sweden and Italy I think I understand the B-bag and its limitations for multimode travel pretty well. It does some things very well but overall I’m very disappointed and I would not spend £135 on another.

B-Bag on the rear with my clothes and stuff, C-bag on the front with my cabin luggage


Our New Pino

20 August 2009

Between Penzance and Marazion, don’t we look pleased with ourselves!

After a seven week wait it arrived two days before we set out for our annual holiday in Cornwall. We had just enough time to set the bike up and have one quick ride into Sheffield centre (to pick up some inner tubes and other bits from Decathlon) and then we had to pack the bike into our trusty camper van for the long drive down to the West Country. (more…)