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Brompton Toolkit – New improved tyre levers?

28 November 2013

Just had a phone call from Brilliant Bikes, who supplied my stylish Brompton Toolkit last year. I wrote earlier about my dissatisfaction with the kit, especially the fragile tyre levers which snapped first time out.

Brompton have now produced redesigned levers and are sending free upgrades to all toolkit owners so I’m looking forward to seeing them. Previously Brompton supplied me with replacement levers for the broken one including advice on how to avoid breakage, so it’s clear that they are taking this seriously.

Ands as Bromptonistas often remark, Brilliant Bikes are brilliant.

Brompton Toolkit – Ouch!

22 April 2013

Last year I was very pleased to be given one of the new Brompton toolkits as a birthday present. It is a beautiful thing, cleverly designed to fit together into a neat package that slots into the open end of the bike’s frame tube when unfolded. I wanted one as soon as they were announced, not because I needed it but because it seemed to be an elegant way of removing clutter (bag of tools under the saddle) from an elegant bike.

Brompton_toolkit_closed (more…)