Sit Back and Enjoy the Music

4 September 2015

Seven League Boots has been quiet for a year or so as I’ve been caught up in some non-cycling activity, including the Folk Music Map which has been quite a success with folk music people round the world.

But everything comes round and my efforts on the map have led me to start planning folk music cycling tours. If you have a map of every live folk music venue in the UK it stands to reason you will want to cycle between them!

Plus I failed to publish anything about my very successful tour last summer on my Brompton Recumbent, along the first part of the tour of British Bromptons route. 50 miles a day for five days and no discomfort, which is astonishing for me, especially as the Brecki has a well shaped but barely cushioned seat. It made me realise that I really don’t want to use an upright bike for touring.

So a new bike and a new plan

I’ve bought one of these:
It’s an HP Velotechnic Grasshopper, and yes it folds, although not quite as neatly as a Brompton. And mine will be bright yellow! Hoping it will arrive in the next couple of days.

And the plan is to ride this:
Bicycle Jaunts
Click on the image for more information, cycle touring with a social purpose?

So watch this space.


So what’s it for anyway? – Recumbent Brompton Project 3

21 July 2014

For the past week I’ve been riding the Brompton recumbent around town and a couple of shortish (10-15 miles) rides out into the country.

Yellow Brecki 1st day 11
I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a really nice toy but probably unlikely to become more than some casual summer fun.

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Just about on the road – Recumbent Brompton Project 2

11 July 2014

Whooeee! It all seems to work.

Yellow Brecki 1st day 15

Having overhauled my old red 2003 Brompton and re-installed the Juliane Neuss recumbent kit, with a single chain drive to replace the old belt and chain setup, I’ve ridden it round the block and it all seems to work. Read the rest of this entry »

Where the rust is – Brompton Recumbent Project 1

29 June 2014


A year ago I posted some thoughts on how I might get my Juliane Neuss Brompton Recumbent into a good state for regular use, and perhaps make a few improvements to the kit that Juliane produced more than a decade ago. This has become pressing as I’ve signed up to join an international recumbent racing team (Juliane’s Feet Up Gang) for the 2014 Brompton World Championships. This will be the fastest recumbent Brompton Racing team in the world, and the slowest.

So I’ve started work, Read the rest of this entry »

Bionic Tandem Part 3

17 May 2014

Coast to Coast with a little assistance.

Way of the Roses — Route Map

Having received our pedelec controller back from Andreas Schroeer and established that the regenerative braking was working we were ready for our 5-day coast to coast trip on the Way of the Roses. Read the rest of this entry »

Bionic Tandem Part 2

28 April 2014

Our First Big Ride with the Heinzmann Pedelec Kit

Castell Dinas 2
The Black Mountains, photo thanks to the welldigger blog

Having got the ‘Direct Power’ kit working apart from the regenerative braking, and the installation more or less tidied it up, it was time for a proper test. Read the rest of this entry »

Bionic Tandem Part 1

28 April 2014

Adding electric power to our Hase Pino. For a few years we’ve been saying we would do it one day and this year feels like the right time.

Here’s one that Hase did earlier, ours is pretty well identical with the hub motor at the front and battery+controller in a special luggage rack, click on the image for a blow-up Read the rest of this entry »

South Yorkshire Police – encouraging dangerous driving

16 February 2014

Two scenes on the Sheaf Valley Cycleway, Sunday 16 February 2014

Coach parking 16-2-14 2

This is a visiting supporters bus in Sheffield for a football match. It’s parked here on Bramhall Lane because the driver was instructed to do so by South Yorkshire Police. Read the rest of this entry »

Guitar on the Brompton Bag Frame

23 December 2013

I’ve adapted a Brompton front bag frame to carry my Lukas Brunner Travel Guitar in its neat hard case. The approach I’ve taken would allow a wide variety of other things to be carried on the frame with an adjustable, semi-permanent fastening system.

14. Rear View 1024 Read the rest of this entry »

Why cycling is important to all of us

7 December 2013

Here’s a great post in the “Cycling in the Peak District” blog explaining why cycling could be an answer to a lot of health problems in older age, including dementia. Even people who have not cycled before will get great benefits if they start to ride a bike regularly. Cycling is particularly useful since it can be much easier for people with creaky joints than walking.


There are plenty of places where everybody feels safe on their bikes, just not in Britain.
Image thanks to Situp Cycling

Of course the big problem is that Read the rest of this entry »