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Pino Transmission – Rohloff?

25 May 2009

Deciding whether to buy the Rohloff Gears
(Tandem Dreams Part 4)


As I commented in the last post, I’m not really happy with the derailleur gears on the Pino. I’ve used multi-speed derailleur gears for years on conventional bikes but my good experience with the Brompton’s neat combination of hub gear and simple 2-speed derailleur, has made me less tolerant of their quirks. (more…)

A Proper Ride on the Hase Pino

24 May 2009

A day’s worth of relationship acceleration
(Tandem Dreams Part 3


Yesterday we spent a few hours with the Hase Pino. This was our main opportunity to test it and decide whether we will buy one. The plan was to ride it from JD Cycles’ shop in Ilkley along the back roads to Bolton Abbey and back (google map) a ride of about 13 miles. By the end of the day we were convinced that it was the right bike for us. (more…)

A Process of Elimination?

10 May 2009

Looking at the options
(Tandem Dreams part 2)

Kirk and Trudie on Natchez Trace-6002006_Dynamik_Duo_-_angled4actionscr

As we have started looking seriously at the Hase Pino tandem I thought I should go back over the ideas and fact-finding that got us here.

It all started in 1984 when Isobel and I met. I was helping my friends Rob and Jane of Bicycle Beanos with their first commercial camping/cycling holiday in the Welsh Borders. In those days she could take on long touring rides with little difficulty and we did a lot of cycling together. (more…)

First experience of the Hase Pino

10 May 2009

Our first look at the “relationship accelerator”
(Tandem Dreams part 1)

Yesterday we (Isobel and I) went up to JD Cycles in Ilkley to have our first look at the Hase Pino. We have been thinking for the past year or more about tandems and recumbent tandems as a joint project as we approach retirement. Recently the Hase Pino has come into focus as possibly the most practical choice, so this was our first chance to see if the practice might match the theory.