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Brooks Imperial one year on

21 March 2010

I bought my Brooks Imperial about a year ago but it has not had much mileage as my Brompton has been mainly used for commuting since then. However I feel that it should be well broken in by now and as I had a 10 mile ride today I paid attention to the saddle and whether I was suffering from numb willie.

Brooks Imperial Saddle (more…)

Brooks Imperial, very first thoughts

22 April 2009

So I took the plunge and bought a Brooks Imperial, here it is:


Fiddling with saddles

4 April 2009

Saddles and saddle adjustment are a constant issue. After years of dissatisfaction I improved my comfort hugely by following Sheldon Brown’s advice on setup and also buying a Brooks B17 leather saddle. Later I added the Brompton Pentaclip which allows infinitely fine adjustment of the saddle angle. But the situation is still not satisfactory and like most cyclists I’m always looking out for improvements. (more…)