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Guitar on the Brompton Bag Frame

23 December 2013

I’ve adapted a Brompton front bag frame to carry my Lukas Brunner Travel Guitar in its neat hard case. The approach I’ve taken would allow a wide variety of other things to be carried on the frame with an adjustable, semi-permanent fastening system.

14. Rear View 1024 (more…)

Platinum Blonde Nomads – Packing the Pino

12 October 2013

The Hase Pino is a big bike. It’s slightly shorter than a conventional tandem but it’s more awkward in some ways as it has unusual wide handlebars that wrap around the wide front seat. However it does split in two for transport and I was confident that we could transport it by air as others have done in the past but it wasn’t clear how to pack it. (more…)

Brompton by Air update 2012 – Part 2 (B-bag Review)

24 June 2012

Having given my latest packing method a thorough road testing on a one week multimode trip to Sweden and Italy I think I understand the B-bag and its limitations for multimode travel pretty well. It does some things very well but overall I’m very disappointed and I would not spend £135 on another.

B-Bag on the rear with my clothes and stuff, C-bag on the front with my cabin luggage


Brompton by air update 2012 – Part 1 (B-bag rack bag)

16 June 2012

New Airline Baggage Rules mean a new strategy for flying with my Brompton

In recent years most European airlines have changed their rules to emphasise the number of bags rather than weight. (more…)

Brompton by Air – an alternative method

10 March 2011

Russ Roca has braved the demons of the US airline system with a naked folding bicycle. He just denied its name. Citizens can do NewSpeak too!

Russ “gate-checked” his Brompton. Not sure whether anybody could do that in Europe where we seem to be much more strict on security if more relaxed about bicycles. Not sure also whether most people could come up with the emotional toughness exhibited in Ross’s blog post on the subject but it was a very interesting experiment which shows how far somebody can go if they are determined to sidestep mindless authority. Just don’t try it in Helsinki airport where I had a little lightweight cable lock confiscated at the x-rays because it might be a lethal weapon.

Wedding suit on a Brompton?

29 May 2010

It may not be aerodynamic but can any other bike do this so easily?

Recently I had to attend two different events on successive days, each required a suit and I would not be able to go home between the events. The second was a special occasion where I wanted to wear something different from usual “uncrushable” travel jacket


Brompton luggage variations

28 March 2010

Some interesting luggage photographed at the BWC and pre-ride last October (2009). I lost the notes I made on the day so if anybody can tell me about suppliers or the names of the stylish Bromptonistas portrayed I’ll be grateful.


Brompton by Air update

14 October 2009

Originally posted on 14 October but updated with photos on 27 October after my trip to Seoul.

Phil Moore from Canada recently asked me about taking his Brompton on planes so I thought I’d do an update on the information in my earlier post from 2003.

complete ensemble 1000px

Fresh off a 14 hour trip with two transfers this lot looked in better shape than I felt


Brompton C-Bag update

20 September 2009

I’ve now had a C-bag for a month so here’s an update to my review of the C-Bag vs the S-Bag for anybody thinking of buying one.


I’m very pleased with it, it’s substantially bigger than the S-Bag because it has an open “throat” so you can overfill it quite easily. It’s become my everyday bag for several reasons: (more…)

Brompton Luggage C-Bag or S-Bag?

2 May 2009

Because I’m buying a new Brompton under the UK tax relief scheme for commuting bikes I have a one-off chance to get a big discount on accessories, so although I have a Touring Pannier and an S-Bag I was interested to see whether the new C-Bag, which came out just after I bought my S-Bag, was worth getting.