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Two months with the Neuss Brompton recumbent

17 May 2013

Whoops, I wrote this last summer and was waiting for some photos so it fell down a crack in the computer. It’s now rather out of date but I’ll follow it up shortly with an explanation of what I’m doing next with the Neuss-B. Basically I’ve decided on a complete rework of transmission and some other things to overcome the problems identified here. I decided that the present arrangement is too complicated and heavy but  developments in recumbent bike technology make it worth considering a major upgrade.

Juliane Neuss Brompton Recumbent adaptation

So I’ve had my new toy for two months, spent a few days fiddling with the setup and ridden it around town a few times. Today I took a slightly longer ride involving some hills. (more…)

Pino sorted – Wrists not suffering any more

22 January 2011

The new setup with riserbars, ergon grips and a standard Rohloff shifter at the end of the bar.

I had a difficult time with my wrists and hands on our 7-day tour of Argyllshire as reported earlier. My wrists ached and after three days I suffered from pins and needles in my hands.

This all seemed to be down to the rather unusual handlebar setup on the Pino which gives little chance to vary your grip, badly angled hand grips which force my wrists into an over-extended position and a less upright riding position than I have on other bikes which puts more weight on my wrists. Plus the rather basic hand grips cannot be replaced with more ergonomic ones because they rotate with the gear shift. (more…)

Pino – my suffering wrists

6 July 2010

The Hase Pino has a lot of good features and is superbly comfortable for the recumbent stoker but it is bad for my wrists. After riding for 7 days last week I was suffering from a lot of aching and had buzzing pins and needles in my hands for several days afterwards. I spent a lot of time on the road trying to come up with a hand position that relieved the pain.

click for larger image (more…)