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Looking Good in Dublin

13 June 2010

Following on from my recent post on cyclists looking good I found myself in Dublin with an hour to spare so I posted myself on a street corner with my camera to see what came along. There were some very stylish women but there always seemed to be somebody in my way when they went by.

So I didn’t set out to create a homoerotic photo-essay but… (more…)

Wedding suit on a Brompton?

29 May 2010

It may not be aerodynamic but can any other bike do this so easily?

Recently I had to attend two different events on successive days, each required a suit and I would not be able to go home between the events. The second was a special occasion where I wanted to wear something different from usual “uncrushable” travel jacket


Looking Good

1 May 2010

Serious cyclists can look like real people too

This is Amanda Bejarano-Ligato, she and her husband Richard have cycled long distances in America and Asia. Her bike is loaded with the very best equipment and she looks great in normal clothes. I like this image because she looks so different from the majority of cyclists I see on the roads when commuting and touring in Britain. (more…)