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Nether Edge Bikebus

19 November 2013

I thought it was time to mention the project I’ve been working on for most of this year since my retirement. It’s a way of combining my interests in design, cycling and social action.

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Free maps on your Cycling Satnav

22 May 2013

Having explained how much I like using my new GPS gadget for navigating I should give some more information about the practicalities, starting with how to get the maps you will need installed on such gadgets without spending a fortune.

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A Sceptic Converted to Cycling Satnav

21 May 2013

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I bought a Garmin trekking GPS unit (eTrex30) for our trip to India partly to have a good bike computer and partly to capture a gps record of our travels. It did both of those things very well. There wasn’t any scope to use the navigation features in India and we didn’t really need them for the rides we did, and anyway I’ve always been very happy to use paper maps which have many more uses than simply following a route. However since then I’ve been exploring ways to use GPS navigation on planned routes and I must say I’m really impressed by how useful it is.