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Platinum Blonde Nomads – Packing the Pino

12 October 2013

The Hase Pino is a big bike. It’s slightly shorter than a conventional tandem but it’s more awkward in some ways as it has unusual wide handlebars that wrap around the wide front seat. However it does split in two for transport and I was confident that we could transport it by air as others have done in the past but it wasn’t clear how to pack it. (more…)

Platinum Blonde Nomads – Gadgets Part 1: Reading, Communication, Navigation

25 April 2013

Any new venture is an opportunity for a gadget addict like me to add to the collection and many touring cyclists seem similarly inclined. Going to Kerala we had a rich set of needs that might be met by a careful choice of gizmos.

etrexMighty BrightNexus7OSM


Platinum Blonde Nomads – How to fly?

24 April 2013

Knowing that it was theoretically possible to take the Pino to India by air, and having plenty of experience of flying with my Brompton folding bike did not make it any easier to confront the reality of getting 26kg of very big bicycle, plus everything we would need for a month, to and from a small town in Kerala.


With this team on our side what could go wrong?


Brompton by Air update

14 October 2009

Originally posted on 14 October but updated with photos on 27 October after my trip to Seoul.

Phil Moore from Canada recently asked me about taking his Brompton on planes so I thought I’d do an update on the information in my earlier post from 2003.

complete ensemble 1000px

Fresh off a 14 hour trip with two transfers this lot looked in better shape than I felt



17 February 2009


I am a mapaholic. I can spend days poring over maps, planning imaginary journeys, measuring, annotating, dreaming. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere without first exploring it as thoroughly as I can through reading about it as well as studying maps.



15 February 2009

How to be comfortable, look good and stay fresh smelling for over a week with virtually zero baggage allowance (having used it up on bikes, luggage and gadgets)


Equipment 2

15 February 2009

With my luggage strategy sorted I still had to think about what to take (apart from clothes which are discussed on another page).



15 February 2009

Having bought the Brompton I had to ensure that I could make the trip, do my work, look presentable and feel comfortable for over a week having squandered half my airline luggage allowance on the bike alone.


Buying the Bike

15 February 2009


Having decided to buy a Brompton the next step was not completely straightforward. My local bike boutique in Sheffield, James Cycles, did have Bromptons in stock from time to time but my impression was that the staff were not particularly tuned in to the thinking of middle-aged customers and I wanted somebody who could provide a complete package.