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Cycling out of Beijing Airport to Shenyang

21 April 2011

A Multimode Adventure in China

7am in Beijing, it’s a clear chilly morning and I’ve been travelling for16 hours. My body clock thinks it’s 11pm. I could stay in the airport for 3 hours and take a local flight to my destination in Shenyang 430 miles to the north-east but when planning the trip I decided that a 20 mile bike ride and a train to Shenyang would probably be better for my general wellbeing. (more…)

Anarcho-Communalism in Hangzhou

25 October 2009

Originally posted to the Bromptontalk Forum on 2 November 2008, this follows on from my recent post Brompton in Beijing and is a more reflective account of some of the things I observed there.

Junction in Hangzhou

Here’s the second instalment of my travels in China. It’s a phenomenological account (which implies that you may have a different experience or theory but this description is valid for me. I didn’t take the Brompton to Hangzhou as it was a quick one night trip with hand luggage.

Picture this.

Two 6-lane highways cross, forming a huge square, A bewildering array of traffic lights control the prodigious flow of trucks, buses and cars, The air is warm and humid with a damp mist limiting visibility to around 100metres. There is a light but persistent rain, the road is slick.


Brompton in Beijing

25 October 2009

This was originally posted to the Bromptontalk forum on 30 October 2008.  I have given a more reflective account of the experience of urban cycling in two Chinese cities in a second post called “Anarcho-Communalism in Hangzhou“.

Brompton n cargo trike

A very satisfying Brompton experience in Beijing.

I had to make a visit some distance from the city centre and my Chinese colleagues were insistent that it’s not feasible by bike, last night coming a similar distance by taxi one of them pointed out how big and intimidating some of the main road junctions were, she rides a bike short distances in the suburbs.