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Bicycles and Pleasure Steamers 2013

7 April 2013

As a boy in the 1950s I loved the great fleet of pleasure steamers that sailed down the Firth of Clyde from Glasgow and the railway piers at Craigendoran and Gourock, where I lived. It’s still possible to enjoy a steamer cruise and it can be a great way to extend your reach when cycle touring. I’ve compiled some information that will help you do that.




Grey Nomads in Kerala – 2. Are there Maps?

1 December 2012

I’m a mapaholic, (as well as a gadgetaholic) probably one of the reasons I like cycling is that maps and cycling seem inseparable. So when planning a journey as big as this my first question will always be, “What are the maps like?”

Map Cover

In Kerala this is not straightforward. There are maps but the general advice from  travellers is that each map has its own unique version of Kerala. It’s not that they are necessarily untrue but other maps will have other versions of the terrain, possibly also true. (more…)

Bing Mapping – a bird’s-eye view

17 January 2010

As a multimode bicycle traveller I use a lot of maps, but I’m also a mapaholic so I probably spend more time playing with and exploring maps and using them to plan journeys than most people. (more…)

Brompton Tour of UK Bromptons

20 June 2009

Originally posted to the Bromptontalk forum on 22 Dec 2008

(NB August 2014, I’m currently updating this route and planning to ride part of it this year so a more refined version will be available soon)

A 7oo mile tour of all those places called Brompton


Simon Koorn has tracked down most places in the UK with Brompton in the name and that’s the basis of the names used for the different models of Brompton sold in the Benelux Countries where he is the importer. A while ago he suggested a tour of Bromptons so I had a look at how that might work out. (more…)