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Chicago – O’Hare to North Shore

17 May 2013

Whoops another unfinished draft, this time from way back in 2009! NB Multimap is now Microsoft’s Bing Mapping, but it still has that excellent birdseye view last time I looked.

I had to spend a few days in Evanston, visiting Northwestern University just north of Chicago on the lake shore. Cycling from O’Hare Airport was very easy and seemed to be as quick (under 90mins) as taking the metro.

ohare (more…)


Cycling out of Beijing Airport to Shenyang

21 April 2011

A Multimode Adventure in China

7am in Beijing, it’s a clear chilly morning and I’ve been travelling for16 hours. My body clock thinks it’s 11pm. I could stay in the airport for 3 hours and take a local flight to my destination in Shenyang 430 miles to the north-east but when planning the trip I decided that a 20 mile bike ride and a train to Shenyang would probably be better for my general wellbeing. (more…)

Brompton by Air – an alternative method

10 March 2011

Russ Roca has braved the demons of the US airline system with a naked folding bicycle. He just denied its name. Citizens can do NewSpeak too!

Russ “gate-checked” his Brompton. Not sure whether anybody could do that in Europe where we seem to be much more strict on security if more relaxed about bicycles. Not sure also whether most people could come up with the emotional toughness exhibited in Ross’s blog post on the subject but it was a very interesting experiment which shows how far somebody can go if they are determined to sidestep mindless authority. Just don’t try it in Helsinki airport where I had a little lightweight cable lock confiscated at the x-rays because it might be a lethal weapon.