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Why cycling is important to all of us

7 December 2013

Here’s a great post in the “Cycling in the Peak District” blog explaining why cycling could be an answer to a lot of health problems in older age, including dementia. Even people who have not cycled before will get great benefits if they start to ride a bike regularly. Cycling is particularly useful since it can be much easier for people with creaky joints than walking.


There are plenty of places where everybody feels safe on their bikes, just not in Britain.
Image thanks to Situp Cycling

Of course the big problem is that (more…)

It’s Not About Cyclists

3 December 2013


When six cyclists were killed on the roads in London in a two week period the national press treated it as a big story, there was a passionate debate including contributions from the head of the Metropolitan Police and the Mayor of London and 1000 cyclists took part in a demonstration calling for action.

During that same period another sad death occurred. A young man, 19 years old, was in a car crash near my home and died three days later. (more…)

Great advice for motorists

12 November 2011

Most cyclists also drive cars so it’s great to see a drivers’ website taking a positive approach to the relationship between motorists and cyclists, with some very good advice thrown in.

Well done

With some cool pictures of sports cars and sporting cyclists, not quite the cyclechic image that many of us subscribe to but it helps to promote an idea of stylish equality.

postscript (2013). Is that Bradley Wiggins in the last photo, taken before he was a national hero?

Cyclists and Drivers – It’s a cultural thing

18 September 2010

New research that tries to understand what’s really happening on the road

This report from the UK Department for Transport is an intelligent attempt to understand what’s going on between cyclists and other road users and how problems arise.


Ambushed by a bus stop!

16 June 2010

Look at this cyclist coasting down a smooth clear road in Sheffield, what could possibly be wrong?

Take care gentle reader, that cyclist is inches from disaster. (more…)

A Suburban Hero

26 February 2010

Bill Angus has controlled the traffic passing his house with a bird box. It just looks a little like a speed camera

What a hero! Click on the picture to read the whole story

Anarcho-Communalism in Hangzhou

25 October 2009

Originally posted to the Bromptontalk Forum on 2 November 2008, this follows on from my recent post Brompton in Beijing and is a more reflective account of some of the things I observed there.

Junction in Hangzhou

Here’s the second instalment of my travels in China. It’s a phenomenological account (which implies that you may have a different experience or theory but this description is valid for me. I didn’t take the Brompton to Hangzhou as it was a quick one night trip with hand luggage.

Picture this.

Two 6-lane highways cross, forming a huge square, A bewildering array of traffic lights control the prodigious flow of trucks, buses and cars, The air is warm and humid with a damp mist limiting visibility to around 100metres. There is a light but persistent rain, the road is slick.


Something New From Sainsbury’s?

7 June 2009


Like being crushed to death by one of our lorries

Yesterday I was cycling home from Sainsbury’s with my Brompton bag full of groceries. It was on Abbeydale Road in Sheffield at around 5pm, Saturday 6 June 2009. (more…)