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South Yorkshire Police – encouraging dangerous driving

16 February 2014

Two scenes on the Sheaf Valley Cycleway, Sunday 16 February 2014

Coach parking 16-2-14 2

This is a visiting supporters bus in Sheffield for a football match. It’s parked here on Bramhall Lane because the driver was instructed to do so by South Yorkshire Police. (more…)

Companies that Endanger Cyclists – Central Travel of Sheffield

23 October 2013


Central Travel of Sheffield Broke the Law and Put Cyclists in Danger

This bus is parked on the cycleway on Asline Road in Sheffield, it’s part of the Sheaf Valley Cycleway, a route used by a lot of cyclists between the city centre and Southwest of the city, it’s also useful for local people and runs past a school very close to this point. (more…)

Companies that Endanger Cyclists – TNT

24 February 2011

TNT broke the law and put cyclists in danger – but they apologised and took action when the problem was pointed out

Then Pentti posted a video clip of an excellent piece of thoughtful driving by a TNT driver who noticed a cyclist was being put in danger by a car driver (see his comment below). So overall a good performance by TNT

Photographed in Sydney Street, Sheffield, 16 February 2011


Companies that Hinder Cyclists – Unipart

14 June 2010

Unipart’s Driver broke the law and treated cyclists with contempt. But the company made a positive response when it was pointed out
This van is blocking a small cycle lane impeding a lot of cyclists who use this route to avoid traffic on the main roads.

Monday 14 June, Club Garden Road, Sheffield around 6pm, still there at 8am the following day. (more…)

Companies that endanger cyclists – FedEx

18 May 2010

FedEx broke the law and endangered cyclists – but they responded well to criticism when it was pointed out

Photographed 18 May 2010, junction of Sidney Street and Matilda Street in Sheffield, UK, approx 8:30am (more…)