Blog Policy

Some Practical Matters

I use this blog to tell you about anything to do with cycling that I find interesting and hope you will also find useful, enjoyable or provoking.

I publish it in my own name, anybody who knows me can see what I am doing here and will form their own opinions of me as a result. I do not hide behind an alias. I believe this is important because some of the information or opinions I give here might influence somebody else’s decisions or beliefs and they have a right to know who they are reading.

I allow comments. That doesn’t mean anybody can publish any comment they wish and I reserve the right to filter out anything that I feel is not relevant. However I do my best to ensure that any serious relevant comment is included, even if it is opposed to or critical of me. If I refuse a comment, unless it is obviously spam, I contact the person who made it to explain why and thank them for the effort. Sometimes I will make a comment myself to explain that I have rejected something, give the outline of what it said and make my policy on that particular issue clear. for example in this post where I thought it was particularly important to keep to evidence and filter out opinion.

Chris Rust
January 2011

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