Where the rust is – Brompton Recumbent Project 1


A year ago I posted some thoughts on how I might get my Juliane Neuss Brompton Recumbent into a good state for regular use, and perhaps make a few improvements to the kit that Juliane produced more than a decade ago. This has become pressing as I’ve signed up to join an international recumbent racing team (Juliane’s Feet Up Gang) for the 2014 Brompton World Championships. This will be the fastest recumbent Brompton Racing team in the world, and the slowest.

So I’ve started work, which meant pretty well stripping down the bike to the frame. As it’s an old bike bought in 2003, it’s hard to avoid noticing that the frame is in a pretty sad condition.

I had to replace the rear suspension hinge which had become quite loose and then seized up solid while in storage in my not very damp cellar. As this meant removing the rear triangle I decided that if I was ever to recondition the frame this was the best opportunity, so the recumbent improvements have been put on hold for a week or so in favour of a paint job.

So having wrestled with the task of removing the rear hinge, following Colin Stroud’s excellent instructions (half way down this wiki page), I’ve invested in a pack of wet and dry abrasive paper and set to on the bare triangle.

There was quite a lot of rust but I’m pleased to say nothing really nasty. Having scraped off the paint where there were any signs of rust, and sanded the whole thing, I painted the rusty bits with Kurust. This turns the heavy rust patches that are hand to sand down into a black inert coating which is supposed to prevent further corrosion. So these photos show quite clearly where the triangle had become corroded.

P1070944 1024 P1070943 1024
P1070941 1024 P1070940 1024
P1070938 1024 P1070937 1024
P1070936 1024 P1070934 1024
P1070933 1024 P1070932 1024

Next task is to paint it, I’m hoping that an aerosol of Hammerite Yellow Gloss will achieve the appearance I want. Hammerite is supposed to work well on bare metal and over rust.


One Response to “Where the rust is – Brompton Recumbent Project 1”

  1. Chandra Says:

    Very cool! I wish you good luck in the project and in the race.
    Peace :)

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