Companies that Endanger Cyclists – Central Travel of Sheffield


Central Travel of Sheffield Broke the Law and Put Cyclists in Danger

This bus is parked on the cycleway on Asline Road in Sheffield, it’s part of the Sheaf Valley Cycleway, a route used by a lot of cyclists between the city centre and Southwest of the city, it’s also useful for local people and runs past a school very close to this point.

It was photographed by me at 14:04 on Wednesday 23 October, there was no driver on board so it wasn’t just a brief stop. It forces all cyclists onto the road. At this point the road alongside is one-way so cyclists coming towards the camera will have to ride onto the road illegally against the flow or ride illegally on the pavement. Both cause dangers but a cyclist appearing unexpectedly from behind a parked bus, going the wrong way on a one way road is at serious risk.

Is the bus driver breaking the law? The Highway Code says:

You MUST NOT stop or park on:
a tram or cycle lane during its period of operation
a cycle track

So that’s clear.



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