Somewhere online for Pinonauts

I thought it was time for the Hase Pino to have an English language discussion group

so I’ve set this one up.

As the Pino is a particularly sociable bicycle, and Pinonauts rarely meet in real life, a place to share experiences, pleasures and knowledge online seems to be a good idea.  Maybe it will even encourage us to get together from time to time.

Google Groups
Visit this group

2 Responses to “Somewhere online for Pinonauts”

  1. Curtis Says:

    I was wondering if this bike would be good for my wife to ride in the back and me in the front. I out weigh my wife by fifty pounds and am two inches taller than her.

    I am the old broken one in this relationship and I ride a recumbent due to elbow and back issues.


  2. chrisrust Says:

    It could work, other couples have the same issues. The other alternative is a double recumbent tandem like the Rans Screamer (USA) or an interesting new British bike, the oVo tandem which looks more practical than the Rans.

    In the end you have to try it. I suggest you post your question on the Pinotalk forum as there are people there who have relevant experience. say where you are so people can recommend where you can try it or may even offer you the opportunity to try theirs.

    best wishes

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