Lie back and think of…

A new toy, watch this space for more details

Juliane Neuss Brompton Recumbent adaptation

It’s already done 7 train changes, one rural and one urban ride and so far pretty good.

7 Responses to “Lie back and think of…”

  1. philwaud (@philwaud) Says:

    Nice Chris, would love to see a pic of it folded.

    Wasnt the odd looking Brompton enough for you?



  2. Shaun Says: it a comfortable ride? a pbp machine perhaps?



  3. chrisrust Says:

    I’ll do a proper review soon, nice ride and generally comfortable but the seat and back can be a bit sweaty – foam on Al plate. A few technical tweaks needed before I can ride it properly, eg aligning the belt wheels as the mountain drive pushes the rear one outwards plus fitting some changer plates to the not quite redundant rear cranks to allow me to reach down and change the Mountain Drive, it’s heavy so I’ll need the MD for winding up hills. Should be very fast going down though, that’s evident even on very small inclines and the extra weight will help to overcome the reduced air resistance so I’d better make sure the brakes are in good shape.

  4. caroline Says:

    Wow Chris, the new recumbent Brompton looks great. Does it fold?

    It’s very shiney and red, and new :)

  5. chrisrust Says:

    Actually it’s shiny and red and old, it’s my rather battered old red Brompton from 2003 with a shiny new fresh out of the box, where it has been waiting around 10 years, Juliane Neuss conversion kit.
    But I couldn’t let you have all the laid back fun could I?

  6. Becky Says:

    Hmm. The recumbent-fu is strong with this one.

    I’d no idea any of Juliane’s kits were still available! Another tweaking tip: you might like to try softening the rear suspension block, perhaps even lengthening it with half of another one, as you can’t unweight yourself over the bumps when reclined. Sweaty back syndrome is somewhat to be expected but comfort-thickness Ventisit pads are very effective and airy. Might be tricky to figure one out for the folding seat, but the raw material is known as ACS-10 and also as Dry-mat.

  7. Gareth Says:

    Interesting machine – can’t quite see from the photo how the drive is transferred from the forward cranks to the rear wheel. More photos with the review please

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