Tour des Frites in Sheffield

Sheffield Friday Night Tour Des Frites

The Sheffield Friday Night Rides are a brilliant social cycling innovation, themed evening rides around the city once a month with a big emphasis on the social. The most recent one focused on touring some of the best chip shops in Sheffield, six miles and six chippies with lengthy stops to sample the subtly different offerings. Click on the photo above for a slideshow of 55 happy cyclists enjoying fried potatoes.

This was the biggest turnout so far for FNR and a great night. It was magic to see a great snake of winking red and white lights weaving through the foggy city streets and join the impressive crowd of bikeists sharing the chips on the pavement thanks to Mick’s efficient management of  chip ordering and distribution. And we raised £55 for charity although that was not the prime purpose.

Next month (17 December) it’s the annual “Christmas Lights” ride to view some of the more spectacular lit-up households in the city. Pedal-propelled illuminations welcome.

2 Responses to “Tour des Frites in Sheffield”

  1. Gareth Says:

    Fabulous. Peter mentioned this to me on Thursday and I was sorely tempted. Having seen the slideshow I now wish I had made the effort to attend.

  2. wildnorthlands Says:

    CycleSheffield Xmas Social, 16th Dec, 8:30 at the Tandoori Grill House just below The Showroom cinema. Drinks in the Sheffield Tap beforehand. you can sign up at or just come along, there should be room.

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