In Praise of – Bicycle Beano

32 Cyclists have a wonderful time in Snowdonia thanks to Jane Barnes and Rob Green

I’ve mentioned Bicycle Beano cycling holidays a few times but it is 20 years since I last experienced Rob and Jane’s unique style of cycling pleasure. Last week we took the Pino to join in their one week Snowdonia Beano stillpointlinkand can report that the Beano experience may have matured but it’s lost none of the fun and craftsmanship that makes every ride an aesthetic and social delight.

That Rob and Jane have sustained and refined their passionate commitment to giving cyclists a good time over more than 25 years is a wonderful achievement. A Bicycle Beano is a fusion of healthy eating, new and old friendships, beautiful landscapes, relaxed cycling with challenges for people at every level of ability and ambition, carefully chosen waterholes and madcap humour, all tied together with impeccable organisation. No wonder huge numbers of their customers come back repeatedly and think of Jane and Rob and their helpers as real friends.

Bicycle Beanos generally take place in Wales, Rob and Jane are semi-retired these days so they only run three a year.

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