City Cycling is Dead, Long live…

This week sees the 59th and last edition of the truly excellent online magazine, City Cycling

After 5 years of hard graft, editor Anthony Robson has decided he is stale and enough is enough. But he is not walking away from the project.

So he’s redeveloping City Cycling in a more contemporary form that reflects the changes in the web over the past 5 years. Instead of continuing to replicate the format of printed magazines he will develop a blog and a wiki to continue to provide an an intelligent voice for urban cycling in all its forms. Meanwhile  all those back issues are still there to read and most are just as current today as when they were written.

Thanks to Anth for a great monthly read and I’m looking forward to seeing the new City Cycling. His venture is even more relevant today with the mushrooming interest in all forms of cycling, especially as everyday transport and I can only admire his commitment in developing and publishing so far, and being willing to rethink and pitch in for a second round when many would be content to rest on their laurels.

Now go and have a look for yourself

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