Wedding suit on a Brompton?

It may not be aerodynamic but can any other bike do this so easily?

Recently I had to attend two different events on successive days, each required a suit and I would not be able to go home between the events. The second was a special occasion where I wanted to wear something different from usual “uncrushable” travel jacket

Some time ago this came up on the Bromptontalk forum where a member was planning to travel to a wedding by public transport and Brompton, he came up with a plan to carry a suit bag outside the front pannier so I thought I would give that a try as I had a free basic suit bag from John Lewis.

My touring pannier was packed with my uncrushable jacket and other clothes etc for an overnight trip to London but  I needed to drop off the other suit at my office to be ready for use on my return. It’s a couple of miles from home so a good opportunity to try this out without taking a big risk. Isobel had offered to drive me into the city that day to solve the baggage problem but that felt like a cop out.

With the suit bag doubled over, the hook of the clothes hanger attached neatly to the handle of the pannier  and a belt (from a pair of Craghopper trousers) went round that inner section of the folded bag and the straps of the pannier to make it all secure:

This all seemed very secure so I set off, after a short distance I worked out that I had fitted the bag (shown in these photos) the wrong way round, with the top section inwards, so the belt was round the chest of the jacket and might crease it. It was a quick task to stop and flip the bag round with the top section on the outside and the belt fastening across near the bottom of the jacket. The hook was surprisingly secure but it would be easy enough to make it more firmly fixed to the pannier handle with a velcro strap or strip of gaffer tape.

At my destination I hung it up, the following day out it came, immaculate!

It’s not exactly aerodynamic but a fuss-free way to take your glad rags with you on a bike.

8 Responses to “Wedding suit on a Brompton?”

  1. gingerbeard Says:

    Actually, my BikeFriday does it better. The suitcase trailer/bikebox works really well. I travel with two bags, one a suitcase that contains my bike, then a soft suitcase or suit bag. Arriving at my destination, the bike pops out of the suitcase and the suitcase becomes a trailer. The suit bag, and any carry on luggage goes into the trailer, and off I ride. The trailer is good enough for 80kms and about 50+ lbs.

    It works great for me, and we used our BikeFriday tandem, though Ireland for 3 weeks. Although on that occasion the suitcase trailer was replaced with a Burley trailer. The suitcase trailer actually holds more gear, but the Burley holds a baby…and we had one in tow.

  2. chrisrust Says:

    Thanks for that Gingerbeard. Bike Friday provide a great system for touring, especially the combination of flying and serious touring.
    But I stick with my original statement, that system is great for the big set pieces (like the battle plan/big brigades approach of American Football). My example was of trying to fit a lot into two working days where I had to race around two cities, hop on and off trains and shuffle clothes and other stuff around various locations (more like orienteering).
    Incidentally, we were very interested in the Bike Friday tandem, a great product by all accounts, and would have been extremely interested if the double recumbent tandem were still available. Sadly it seems to be too complicated to build economically.

  3. Max Says:

    OT: but is that a standard Mountain Mirrycle on your Brompton, or some sort of special? Does it affect the Fold (TM) much, or do you have to fold the mirror itself in some way? Does it fit the standard M-bar grips, or are the Ergons required? And how do the grips themselves affect folding?

  4. chrisrust Says:

    Hi Max, yes it’s a standard Mountain Mirrycle which is the best bike mirror available in my opinion. It fits M bars just fine and you just have to cut off the end of your grips if they are closed over the open end of the handlebar tube. On a UK/Japan right hand fitting it’s no problem on the fold. On a most-of-the-world left hand fitting you have to pay attention to the mirror and fold it out of the way when folding the bike.
    I never understand why cyclists don’t have mirrors, although few are as good as the Mirrycle. We have three on our tandem and I have them on every bike I use.

  5. Max Says:

    Chris – thanks for getting back. I have an original Mirrycle (on the original non-aero Galli brake lever) on my original 1982 Mercian, and an STI Mirrycle with a home-made handlebar mounting on my new Giant winter bike. I hate riding without one & I can’t understand why some people are so anti-mirror. Anyone would think, to hear critics speak, that having a mirror somehow physically prevents you from turning your head to look over your shoulder. I’ll be ordering a Mountain Mirrycle, ready for my new Brompton when it arrives!
    And I agree with you, the Mirrycle is the best cycle mirror around. By miles.

  6. chrisrust Says:

    When you get to my age stiff joints prevent you from looking over your shoulder.

  7. Max Says:

    Chris – I collected Tiny Clanger from the shop last week, and fitted the Mirrycle on Saturday. A nice simple job. I’ve left the Brompton grips on for now, but I do find them rather sweaty & less than pleasant. I may well change to Ergons or similar – which model did you choose? Is the (apparently) missing end cap in the second picture deliberate, or just a consequence of the Law of Selective Gravitation?

  8. chrisrust Says:

    Is the (apparently) missing end cap in the second picture deliberate, or just a consequence of the Law of Selective Gravitation?
    Neither, it’s a device for collecting geological cores from the road surface. If I have an accident such material will be of great value to the accident investigators.
    The Ergons are just the normal bar-end-free ones, I bought small but I think large might be better for my hands. They are a bit too long for the Brompton so you have to trim them round the brake levers, needs a bit of care but easy enough. I’m a big fan of Ergons, they transformed our tandem

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