Brompton luggage variations

Some interesting luggage photographed at the BWC and pre-ride last October (2009). I lost the notes I made on the day so if anybody can tell me about suppliers or the names of the stylish Bromptonistas portrayed I’ll be grateful.

Nice Japanese ensemble, note the leather fittings (there’s a leather front mudflap too)

Carradice Originals saddlebag

The C-bag will fit on the S-bars. Note there is some interference with the brake cable in the right hand photo and somebody mentioned that it does shorten the life of the cables.

Very neat home-made conversion of the Brompton front carrier to carry an Ortleib bag, by a Swiss Bromptoneer. Note that the bag can’t be detached from the rack. The new O-bag should be neater than this but at a stinging price.

Danish couple with bags imported from Spain.(update 2014, the bags are available from Demano in Barcelona)


3 Responses to “Brompton luggage variations”

  1. Björn Says:

    Second from top is Martin from Gamla Stans Cykel in Stockholm (got my Brompton from them!). I belive the bag is custom made for him and his father by a leather craft shop in Stockholm named “Läderverkstan”. If I remember it correctly there were only two of those bags made.

  2. None-So-Pretty Says:

    Danish couple with bags imported from Spain may have got their bags from Demano…website says Diagonal Mar model was initially made for Brompton frontal bags, can also be used for any kind of bags.

  3. chrisrust Says:

    Yes those last two bags are by Demano and of course the are not so much Spanish as Catalan :o)
    I have made a small update to the post to clarify this.

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