A Suburban Hero

Bill Angus has controlled the traffic passing his house with a bird box. It just looks a little like a speed camera

What a hero! Click on the picture to read the whole story

3 Responses to “A Suburban Hero”

  1. gareth Says:

    This is a great story and very pleasing that it doesn’t conform to the media’s usual reporting of speeding (everyone does it and the cops that enforce limits are the baddies)

  2. Andy in Germany Says:

    I like it. The comment from the Northumbria Safer Road Partnership is revealing:

    “but if it … creates a danger to pedestrians, then it would be an issue”

    Those metal boxes whizzing about all day are a danger to pedestrians -are they an issue?

  3. chrisrust Says:

    The clever thing is that because Bill Angus is a former policeman he is probably very familiar with those minor safety concerns so he’ll have put the “camera” just inside the boundary of his garden and high enough to avoid bashing your head, actually there is a real danger that a square cornered box at head height could take out the eye of the unobservant pedestrian, we all fail to notice these sorts of dangers. With my designer’s hat on it was one of the first things I looked for when I saw the photos. Also he’s obviously observed carefully the appearance of real speed cameras, maybe he’s worked with them. The box and pole are very convincing if you don’t look too closely.

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