Brompton World Championships 2009

The fourth of these rather wonderful events was held at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, UK early in October 2009. Previous World Championships were held at Blenheim (2008) and Barcelona (2006, 2007). Here is the official website.

I was very pleased because I improved my performance:

2008 35 min 27 sec,  placed 315th  out of 364,  66/82 veterans
2009 30 min 54 sec,  placed 266th  out of 532,  45/115 veterans

One of the best things about the event, which is a serious bike race with proper rules and timing, is the interpretation of the dress code which calls for jacket, collar and tie as befits a city commuter bike. These days some people come in a variety of work clothes, like the “Busy Bees” below. So I took my camera along:

The 2010 Brompton World Championships will be at Blenheim Palace again on Sunday 3rd October

The 2010 Brompton US Championships will be held in Philadelphia on Saturday 20 March, This will be the first national event of this kind. The fastest man and woman will win the airfare to take part in the World championship.

3 Responses to “Brompton World Championships 2009”

  1. gareth Says:

    The post gives a great impression of the event Chris. I have been invited to join a vet team entry for next year (Barnsley Hospice). Just have to get a Brompton (and a suit -since I gave wearing them some time ago!)

    Have a great cycling 2010 – looking forward to hearing more about the Pino

  2. chrisrust Says:

    Great, A lot of people go to Oxfam for their racing suits.

  3. Denis Caraire Says:

    I’m very proud to be cought on your album. It was nice to see you again this year with your wonderful tandem-brompton carrier-bike!
    all the best,
    Denis (the checkered rider)

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