Japan Cycling Links

commuter-150Useful weblinks including stories and practical advice from people who have cycled in Japan, some of them illegally.

Bill Macher “Who is this Guy Bill?”
Heroic cycletourist and free camper. One of the best sources of general information about cycling in Japan with lots of useful anecdotes and practical advice.

Paul Van Roekel & Anja De Graaf cycling around the world
Informative web pages by a couple from the Netherlands.

Wim and Alies Van der Linden Illegal by Tandem
You can’t stop these Dutch folk. Just because it’s against the law to use a Tandem in Japan doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Good blow-by-blow account of a long distance trip.

Tomer Gurantz 2002 post-trip advice
Reflections by somebody who has been there.

Shimanami Sea Road Cycling Guide
Guide to a long distance route

Outdoor Japan Cycling
Official site that gives some useful information (but not as much as you would hope)

Mr Pumpy’s Biking Southeast Asia
Not about Japan but loads of information about cycling in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and India.

Japan Cycling Navigator
Information provided by a group of Japanese enthusiasts. Doesn’t go very deep but there are useful hints and links.

Jonathan Felix Cycling Japan
A short intense account of JF’s experience cycling in adverse circumstances. More about cycling than Japan although it includes an insight in to policing styles.

Paul Dorn Urban Cycling
Good description of how bicycles are part of everyday Japanese life (and how that compares with the USA)

Jan Boonstra Cycling tour through Western Japan
Another indefatigable Netherlander with stories, photos and practical information. His site also includes stuff about cycling in Korea.

Mark Van Meijel A trip from Tokyo to Hanoi
Of course he is from the Netherlands, the only country where cyclists can take their lunch break in a bike ferry with dining room, uniformed waiters and a bar serving great coffee (from Enkhuisen to Stavoren, highly recommended).

Cycling Japan October 1999
Site by two US cyclists, contains the all-important recommendation for seaweed wrapped rice balls, available in convenience stores and ideal cycling fuel. Wish I’d found this hint before my trip.

Japan on a folding bike
Rob Ainsley took his Brompton to Japan well before I did. And he tells us that the Japanese call folding bikes “ori” as in origami. Same usage as “folder” I expect.

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3 Responses to “Japan Cycling Links”

  1. Claudio Says:

    Awesome! A friend of mine is thinking of moving to Japan. If he were to move, all he would take is his clothes, computer, and his bike. I think he would enjoy these links. Thanks!

  2. papertigerpress Says:

    Excellent list I will have to dig through! Like to plug Josie Dew’s two books on the subject; A Ride in the Neon Sun and The Sun in my Eyes. Both are excellent and informative. I should know, I’ve lived here in Japan for the past 10 years and have been inspired to cycle partly thanks to her writing.
    Thanks for your great work on this list of resources, it is appreciated. To everyone out beyond Japan’s shores-come over and cycle, it’s great!

  3. chrisrust Says:

    Thanks for that. Personally I find Josie Dew rather irritating compared to literary heroes like Dervla Murphy and Bettina Selby but that’s just my opinion and if she did it for you…
    Incidentally, this particular posting on Japan Cycling Links is pretty old now so if anybody has suggestions for new resources I’ll be happy to add them.

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