Brompton Links

brompton150Brompton-related web links

Brompton Bicycle company website

A to B Magazine website
Specialising in multi-mode transport using folding bikes

C.H.White & Son a.k.a Carackers
Who did a very good deal (in 2003) on Bromptons in the UK over the internet, excellent service, quick delivery and an expensive bwh Koffer carry case included in the price.

Schlumpf Mountain Drive
Serious low ratios at the push of a button – Just the thing if you want to ride your Brompton up to 945m without ruining your knees or bringing on a heart attack.

Taking a Brompton on Motorised Transport
Guide to using public transport without conflict (probably most relevant in the USA). Maybe a bit out of date

Brompton Folding Bicycle FAQ
Practical information from fellow Bromptoneers

The Folding Society
It is a fact universally acknowledged that a person in possession of a Brompton must be in need of a society?

Bromptontalk Forum
an amazing resource, more expert Bromptoneers, Bromptonauts and Bromptonistas from around the world than you could ever need.

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One Response to “Brompton Links”

  1. Simon R Says:

    Hi there, great blog I must say!

    I have just started a Brompton touring blog. Would you mind at all if I mentioned your blog on mine?


    Simon R

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