South Yorkshire Police – encouraging dangerous driving

16 February 2014

Two scenes on the Sheaf Valley Cycleway, Sunday 16 February 2014

Coach parking 16-2-14 2

This is a visiting supporters bus in Sheffield for a football match. It’s parked here on Bramhall Lane because the driver was instructed to do so by South Yorkshire Police. Read the rest of this entry »

Guitar on the Brompton Bag Frame

23 December 2013

I’ve adapted a Brompton front bag frame to carry my Lukas Brunner Travel Guitar in its neat hard case. The approach I’ve taken would allow a wide variety of other things to be carried on the frame with an adjustable, semi-permanent fastening system.

14. Rear View 1024 Read the rest of this entry »

Why cycling is important to all of us

7 December 2013

Here’s a great post in the “Cycling in the Peak District” blog explaining why cycling could be an answer to a lot of health problems in older age, including dementia. Even people who have not cycled before will get great benefits if they start to ride a bike regularly. Cycling is particularly useful since it can be much easier for people with creaky joints than walking.


There are plenty of places where everybody feels safe on their bikes, just not in Britain.
Image thanks to Situp Cycling

Of course the big problem is that Read the rest of this entry »

It’s Not About Cyclists

3 December 2013

Tributes to Cian Pace alongside Netherthorpe Rd in Sheffield, where his fatal accident happened

When six cyclists were killed on the roads in London in a two week period the national press treated it as a big story, there was a passionate debate including contributions from the head of the Metropolitan Police and the Mayor of London and 1000 cyclists took part in a demonstration calling for action.

During that same period another sad death occurred. A young man called Cian Pace, 19 years old, was in a car crash here in Sheffield and died three days later. Read the rest of this entry »

Brompton Toolkit – New improved tyre levers?

28 November 2013

Just had a phone call from Brilliant Bikes, who supplied my stylish Brompton Toolkit last year. I wrote earlier about my dissatisfaction with the kit, especially the fragile tyre levers which snapped first time out.

Brompton have now produced redesigned levers and are sending free upgrades to all toolkit owners so I’m looking forward to seeing them. Previously Brompton supplied me with replacement levers for the broken one including advice on how to avoid breakage, so it’s clear that they are taking this seriously.

Ands as Bromptonistas often remark, Brilliant Bikes are brilliant.

Nether Edge Bikebus

19 November 2013

I thought it was time to mention the project I’ve been working on for most of this year since my retirement. It’s a way of combining my interests in design, cycling and social action.

croppedposter Read the rest of this entry »

Everybody Needs an Active Childhood.

18 November 2013

Image from Get Cycling Disability

So why did these inspiring stories make me depressed?

Last Friday I watched part of the BBC’s “Children in Need” charity marathon. One of the many great stories was about a seriously disabled boy who had been helped by a specially adapted tricycle and there was a happy video of him out cycling with his pals. His family were thrilled that he was being physically active and enjoying the outdoors with other children. Read the rest of this entry »

Take These Chains…

3 November 2013

Worried about leaving your bike on the street?
image thanks to Dustin Quasar

Here’s a brilliant article by Eric Hansen who started his research by talking to professional bike thieves in New York. A great read, lots of insight and he ends up with some very simple practical advice. Mainly that there are some very good affordable U locks available, cables don’t work at all, any lock can be broken and understanding the thieves is the best starting point to planning your own security.

Thanks to Andrew Richards who told the CycleSheffield members forum about Eric’s article.

(this post also appears in EdgeCyclists, the Nether Edge Bikebus blog)

Companies that Endanger Cyclists – Central Travel of Sheffield

23 October 2013


Central Travel of Sheffield Broke the Law and Put Cyclists in Danger

This bus is parked on the cycleway on Asline Road in Sheffield, it’s part of the Sheaf Valley Cycleway, a route used by a lot of cyclists between the city centre and Southwest of the city, it’s also useful for local people and runs past a school very close to this point. Read the rest of this entry »

Platinum Blonde Nomads – Packing the Pino

12 October 2013

The Hase Pino is a big bike. It’s slightly shorter than a conventional tandem but it’s more awkward in some ways as it has unusual wide handlebars that wrap around the wide front seat. However it does split in two for transport and I was confident that we could transport it by air as others have done in the past but it wasn’t clear how to pack it. Read the rest of this entry »


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